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Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2016

XXY_: Lux, Resom, Lola Luc

Techno & House Music:

- Lux (Giegling, Leipzig)
- resom (about blank, Berlin)
- Lola Luc (Berlin Community Radio, Berlin)

XXY is a new club concept with diversity at it’s core. XXY will not present promises of musical variety in techno parties, rather focus on diversity of identity, gender and performance.
An exclusively heterosexual male lineup has always dominated Dresden’s nightlife. Inspired by essays by gender activist and musician Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles, and the unprecedented assist of the Leipzig and Berlin club scene, XXY will offer the antithesis to the existing techno party conformity.
XXY will disregard habits, and provide line-up’s with more room for women, trans, queer, gay and all other forms of human existence. But it’s not excluding – it’s a party for everyone.

BItte beachtet, dass wir euch nur gegen Vorlage eines offiziellen Ausweisdokumentes den Zugang zu unserem Club gewähren können.

Please note that we can grant you the access to the club only if you have an official ID document with you.